Battery Monitor
Author: massalia
Price: free
Check the health of the battery for all battery powered device and fire events depending on state
ne fonctionne pas
Mayery | 24.12.2013 Rating:
la version ne fonctionne pas avec les thermostat danfoss !! read more
So far so good
mjdewitt | 26.11.2013 Rating:
Everything seems to be working once I was able to get the monitored devices list to actually save. Other than that, setup went smoothly. read more
cozhelp | 13.09.2013 Rating:
This is a great tool but did have to do a search to figure out how it works. In short create a scene that is time based using this code in the Luup Code:

Assuming that the Plugin was installed as Device 99, the following tests should work. Your installation will have a different Device number, please adjust accordin ... read more
Follow the instructions and it works great in Vera UI 5
mdelprin | 26.08.2013 Rating:
Just follow the instruction found in the help for the app and it will work great. I update charges once a day, you can set it to run as often as you like. read more
Works as advertised if you follow the instructions to create a scene
mdelprin | 30.07.2013 Rating:
Read the other reviews for instructions on how to create a scene that calls the checker. Build the scene correctly and it works like a champ! I set a countdown timer that triggers a scene which executes the check and resets the timer. The timer counts down for 6 hours so I check battery level 4 times a day. I may change it to work once a day. ... read more
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