Battery Monitor
Author: massalia
Using: N/A
Price: free
Check the health of the battery for all battery powered device and fire events depending on state
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cozhelp | 13.09.2013 Rating:
This is a great tool but did have to do a search to figure out how it works. In short create a scene that is time based using this code in the Luup Code:

Assuming that the Plugin was installed as Device 99, the following tests should work. Your installation will have a different Device number, please adjust accordin ... read more
So far so good
mjdewitt | 26.11.2013 Rating:
Everything seems to be working once I was able to get the monitored devices list to actually save. Other than that, setup went smoothly. read more
Great Plugin
gilhamj | 23.08.2014 Rating:
Works great on UI5 and my Vera 3 network of 200+ devices. You must run a scene that run this device's "battery check" action in the advanced tab. read more
Latest reviews
Not Worlkng with UI7
PeteBell | 23.11.2016 Rating:
Unfortunately this plugin isnt working on UI7. The devices to monitor don't save. read more
Ne fonctionne pas sous UI7 VeraEdge
chrifabre | 04.01.2015 Rating:
Impossible de mémoriser les devices à surveiller sur ma nouvelle Box VeraEdge UI7 Dommage car bon plugin en Ui5 read more
Not working
Kyledawson | 13.12.2014 Rating:
I am able to added all my devices, but it never shows status. And if it did, not sure of the notification process. Not able to see that in UI. Also, the icons it links to are on developer own web site. Not sure that is good idea, call home? I like the idea, but the execution of plugin not so great. read more