Battery Monitor
Author: massalia
Price: free
Check the health of the battery for all battery powered device and fire events depending on state
subnick | 18.07.2013 Rating:
I create the scene as you suggested, but in the scene I'm not able to select the battery monitor read more
Working as designed!!
jjorgensen | 27.05.2013 Rating:
Hi all,

You need to create a scene and schedule a check for the battery level - or else you will get the missing data problem, like everyone here is complaining about!

Just create a scene, add the battery monitor - go to Scene -> Advanced - and select the "Check" action. Save & run the time. Voila :-) read more
Doesn't work
benspader | 29.11.2012 Rating:
This app still doesn't work UI5. read more
Great Idea
tjdonahue | 14.11.2012 Rating:
Poor excution, does not work. read more
ne fonctionne pas
chrifabre | 05.11.2012 Rating:
dommage ... ne fonctionne pas read more
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