Battery Monitor
Author: massalia
Price: free
Check the health of the battery for all battery powered device and fire events depending on state
Great idea. Sadly not functional, yet
mdelprin | 31.10.2012 Rating:
This is a great idea for an app. However, it is not currently working for me. The app quickly detects all of my battery operated devices but is not reporting on their status.

Please update with fixes soon! read more
doesnt work!
fshouse | 27.10.2012 Rating:
doesnt work! read more
Doesn't work
vio | 18.10.2012 Rating:
Does not show any battery status read more
Doesn't work
benspader | 15.10.2012 Rating:
No worky on vera lite 3 read more
Doesn't Work
3ACW | 14.10.2012 Rating:
Had high hopes but even with devices added, no battery status shown. Using UI 5 on a Vera Lite. read more
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