Author: amg0
Manufacturer: amg0
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Price: free
Alternative user interface for UI5 UI7 boxes. 1)Covers most features of UI5 UI7 2)Adds quite a few more like logical workflows, multi controller support, user designed pages, easy view/filter of log information, auto updates, voice control, history & graphic of values. All features are explained here:,78.0.html
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The interface that Vera should had made
Akbooer | 10.04.2015 Rating:
This is an outstanding piece of code: a new interface for Vera, and SO MUCH BETTER than UI5 or UI7. You can see many more devices on one page; it configures for screen size (even when rotating on an iPad); it needs fewer clicks to get where you need; ... ...and it works really well, reliably, quickly, and it looks attractive too. Why would ... read more
Great UI to use instead of default UI7 and custom pages is exciting
mrv777 | 13.04.2015 Rating:
Great app that shows how UI7 could/should look. Works great. Developer communicates well on the forums and is fast on fixes/additions. MiOS should really take a look at this plugin and use some of what is here (and compensate the developer :-)) I'm excited for the custom pages and think it's a great addition read more
mgolin | 18.05.2015 Rating:
wow! simple best! Thank you! Fast, fast ,fast! read more
Latest reviews
Incredible leap forward for Vera
anthonyris2 | 18.04.2016 Rating:
I'm not easily prone to superlatives, but this plugin is just so much better in every way than the stock UI. Fast, configurable, documented and device-aware/flexible. UhMazing. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! Make a donation, it's worth it. read more
Essential - Do not waste anymore time with UI7
konradwalsh | 14.04.2016 Rating:
Seriously, there might be a small learning curve but compared to UI7 you have far exceeded your abilities. This is just the way its meant to be and on OpenLuup it gets so much better read more
What Vera Should Have Been All Along
runkle502 | 24.10.2015 Rating:
Besides the added snappiness (opposed to the very laggy UI5 standard Vera interface) is just one of the many benefits. A clean interface, customizable pages, data logging, better scene control, and a slew of others makes this a must have for any Vera user. read more