Author: amg0
Manufacturer: amg0
Price: free
Alternative user interface for UI5 UI7 boxes. 1)Covers most features of UI5 UI7 2)Adds quite a few more like logical workflows, multi controller support, user designed pages, easy view/filter of log information, auto updates, voice control, history & graphic of values. All features are explained here:,78.0.html
The interface that Vera should had made
Akbooer | 10.04.2015 Rating:
This is an outstanding piece of code: a new interface for Vera, and SO MUCH BETTER than UI5 or UI7.

You can see many more devices on one page; it configures for screen size (even when rotating on an iPad); it needs fewer clicks to get where you need; ...

...and it works really well, reliably, quickly, and it looks attractive too.

Why would you not use it?