Author: RichardTSchaefer
Manufacturer: RTS Services
Using: N/A
Price: free
VeraAlerts provides notification of events that were originated from your Vera Home Automation system and delivered to your Android phone. In addition to the text of the notification, it can also request 1 of 5 alert tones to be played on your phone when the notification is delivered. Or it can have the message spoken using the locally installed Android Text To Speech, TTS, engine on your phone. VeraAlerts also maintains a database of these notification events so that you can review their history. It provides various tools to display these events and also to manage the lifetime of the stored data. UI5 and UI6 Development is frozen.
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Exactly what this Android user needed
shaehnic | 08.12.2012 Rating:
Google's push notification system is really nice, so using that as the back-end for Vera notification is really the best experience.

Notifications are FAST -- faster than SMS, and very reliable. The app is simple and effective.

I too wish there was a way to NOT notify on Startup ("Vera Startup"), yet keep the system notif ... read more
If I wanted paid stuff I woudn't have chosen z-wave
pedrocatalao | 21.05.2014 Rating:
was really good until the developer (not even the original one) decided that charging for a tiny feature of an open source technology was a good idea read more
Great App! Can "Vera Start Up" be disabled?
chuck1026 | 17.02.2013 Rating:
Thanks for working this up! I love the speed and customized notifications with no quota! Is there any way to eliminate the "Vera Start Up" notification? Then this would be PERFECT! read more
Latest reviews
UI 7 does not work
kosem | 18.03.2019 Rating:
On UI7, it is installed, launched and clings to the smartphone, but does not send any notifications, except for the test. read more
Simply doesn't work and developer appears to be out of business
computerpeeps | 07.06.2016 Rating:
Although a really messy/convoluted setup process, the app did work for a period of time. The developer appears to be out of business and his website has been down for months. Furthermore, the Android app itself was very poorly written. Since it was not properly written @ multi-threading, the app would stop responding on load, as it was trying to ... read more
So not free!
corry | 06.11.2015 Rating: