Garage Door
Author: RichardTSchaefer
Manufacturer: RTS Services
Using: N/A
Price: free
Manage your garage door with the Lock/Unlock Vera interface. Requires a sensor to detect the open/closed status of the garage door and a binary switch device to cause the door to change state (open or close). Click here for details.
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Simple to Setup and Works as Described
jmedemar | 28.11.2012 Rating:
Simple to setup, just enter your sensors Device # and your relays Device #, then Reload UI5. Shows unlocked if door is opened and locked if door is closed. Also turns the relay back off so your other openers don't get locked out. read more
Good App
FiddlerHA | 10.03.2013 Rating:
It does what is say and does it well.

Combines two devices into a single coherent unit. Eliminates the need for scenes and triggers that would otherwise be needed for this functionality. read more
Great App!!!
benspader | 05.12.2012 Rating:
This is a very impressive app that solves a simple problem. I has met and exceeded all of my needs! Thank you so much! read more
Latest reviews
Just Works
Sammy2 | 28.02.2017 Rating:
I set this up with a Fortrezz MiMOlite low voltage relay and it just works.. I wish it used an open and closed garage door as the icon which keeps me from saying it is Excellent.. I guess I'm just picky. I've tried to load the Fortrezz plugin ( and have borked my system twice now. Yesterday Vera Support got i ... read more
Fantastic. Just works
vikram0228 | 13.09.2016 Rating:
I have used this plugin with both UI5 and UI7. It just works. Took 2 minutes to install, plugged in the correct device IDs (do NOT use the alt-id) and it works. Had a question and the author replied in 10 minutes!! I even offered to pay for this plugin and he refused. read more
not working
TeTTiweTTi | 06.01.2016 Rating:
I'm not able to get it working for my Vision ZG 8101 Garage Door sensor and Qubino flush 1 relay.
They do work perfectly on their own. read more