dataMine graphing and logging plugin
Author: cjackson
Price: free
dataMine provides a system for logging variables, and a GUI for graphing the data. The plugin provides the ability to drill down into the data with zoom and scroll through the data.
A must have application
trotsky40 | 20.07.2012 Rating:
Installed on Vera Lite with FW 1.5.408

Great tool for tracking and monitoring information. My favorite use has been tracking outside temperature (through Google Weather plug-in) and indoor temperature from my Thermostat. Also, logging my motion sensors is nice.

Only request is the ability to export the graphs that are pro ... read more
Straight Out Amazing
chixxi | 21.06.2012 Rating:
This is a truly amazing plugin. Works just perfect on my Vera 3. But since some files need to be installed manually a Link to the detailed instruction manuals should be available here! Thank you for this plugin! read more
Greatest Plugin ever - Excellent for Energy Monitoring
elordude | 08.06.2012 Rating:
Greatest Plugin ever - started with a 512MB USB stick will upgrade if necessary read more
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