dataMine graphing and logging plugin
Author: cjackson
Price: free
dataMine provides a system for logging variables, and a GUI for graphing the data. The plugin provides the ability to drill down into the data with zoom and scroll through the data.
Essential Plugin
rog | 18.06.2013 Rating:
This is just awesome - should come with Vera from the beginning! Kudos to the Dev who is also very responsive to any kind of questions. Absolutely outstanding!!! read more
Essential Plugin
Bryan | 04.05.2013 Rating:
Essential plugin for any Vera environment! If you have a Vera3 lite make sure to set "/dev/sda1" for the SetMountPoint attribute. read more
csebou | 15.04.2013 Rating:
Very usefull plugin even if I lost many datas each time I upgraded it.
Would be grate to have possibility to export datas and graph to excel or another software.
Thanks A LOT for this plugin which is the main reason why i didn't sell my VERA read more
slajgaj | 12.03.2013 Rating:
All data from USB deleted.... read more
Great Plugin! Use it everyday.
zkoenig | 02.02.2013 Rating:
I use dataMine every day to graph usage of lights, thermostat temps, outside temps, can even use it graph door open/close triggers. Simple and easy to use for local logging of any data point on the Vera.

Thank you to Chris for his hard work on this plugin. read more
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