dataMine graphing and logging plugin
Author: cjackson
Price: free
dataMine provides a system for logging variables, and a GUI for graphing the data. The plugin provides the ability to drill down into the data with zoom and scroll through the data.
Great stuff!!
scorpion303 | 05.02.2014 Rating:
Oh man, this app is amazing! It realy helps you monitor and troubleshoot your vera environment. Not sure how you can live without it. read more
This is the best app yet.
willf650 | 16.01.2014 Rating:
I work in the building automation field and thought the only thing missing from the Vera was trending. Not any more with the addition of this app. It has worked well for me and added one of the most powerful tools to see how a building is functioning.
read more
Very impressive
jlsorensen | 18.12.2013 Rating:
Somewhat challenging for people who can't read directions and have short attention spans. It seems to be working for me now but I think it only started working for me so I would quit poking around on it. The person who wrote this and offered it to the community for free is a Rock Star. It really increases the value of the Vera. read more
Absolutely essential
searover | 25.11.2013 Rating:
Works great! must have!

top item for wish list: remote access through internet (mips-server). read more
Must have
schwarzenbergf | 26.09.2013 Rating:
Very impressive. I searched for 'Temperature Logging' but did not find this plug-in. After further searching I found it finaly and it works like a charm. And it is much more than just 'Temperature Logging'. This is also an excelent tool for debugging, observing, checking how processe are working (heat control etc.).
Many, many thanks to the a ... read more
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