Lutron RadioRA Devices Control
Author: mhang
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Price: free
Allows controlling of Lutron RadioRA devices via RA-RS232 and GC100. RA Systems <-> RA-RS232 <-> GC-100 <-> Vera
How to set up
whited | 25.01.2015 Rating:
Here's a run down of how to make this system work for you.

1.) Install Global Cache GC-100 interface app.

2.) Install Lutron RadioRA Devices Control app. Select serial port when prompted.

3.) Open Lutron RadioRA over RS232 and change DimmerIDs and SwitchIDs to match your configuration. To do this, you may have to disable the Automatically configure button under Settings.

4.) Configure your Lutron RA-RS232 controller to Assign ZONE numbers, NOT phantom room buttons.

This app uses Set Dimmer Level (SPL) and Set Switch Level (SSL) commands, not Push Button (PB).

I don't believe the app is set up for (16) All On and (17) All Off as again uses zones. This command would be a phantom button.

This app works great in UI5 ver1.5.622. It does not yet work in UI7 ver1.7.481. The serial port choice is not displayed when setting up the app in that version.