Sonos Controller
Author: lolodomo
Using: E
Price: free
Plugin to control your Sonos Wireless HiFi Music Systems via Vera scenes and Vera UI
Best HA thing I ever did
craigrenner | 03.07.2014 Rating:
So I'm biased: I love Sonos. This ties together two of the best pieces of CE in existence. Sonos is rock solid, high usability (new controller SW aside) / SAF. This plug in falls into that you don't notice it working most of the time..

Control, Text to Speech both are amazing. But hooked into events & scripts is an exercise in imagination stretching. That there is a danger, I burned through lots of technically interesting but zero SAF tinkering before settling on the following.

I strongly believe these outputs helped sell our other house:
"The front door is open".
"The garage door is open".
"The time is 0600 and the weather is x".

Thankfully this one never got used:
"You have tripped the alarm". All lights switch on. Camera motions to tripped zone. "Video is streaming. Please close the door as you leave".

I never did a door keypad but would have liked "Welcome home xxxx".