VeraConnect WWN
Author: andreimios
Manufacturer: Nest
Using: Ethernet
Price: free
VeraConnect Works With Nest plugin will allow you to control your Nest Thermostat and see the state of your Nest Protect. Instructions URL:
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Device Isn't Working
skynor | 17.12.2016 Rating:
I installed the plug in. It says it added a device. The device doesn't show on the Device tab. Up top it says "Vera Connect WWN: Please go to 'Authorize' tab and authorize VeraConnect!". There isn't an Authorize tab. I go to the plug in and no Authorize tab. I click on the device link on the Plugin Control tab and nothing opens up. I have u ... read more
Device does not show after install
rusch222 | 27.12.2016 Rating:
I'm having the same issue that skynor explains. The device does not show on any tab after install and the top status area suggests I need to authorize (but have no way to do this without having the device show up). Really hoping to use this plugin, hope there is a fix. Thanks! read more
Not Working for me... UI5
2624LuisNY | 25.01.2017 Rating:
Can't get past the installation on UI5... read more
Latest reviews
Don't work on UI7
stardobas | 15.04.2018 Rating:
It was work since last don't work anymore... read more
Broken on UI5
djrobx | 04.01.2018 Rating:
Missing XML library and app is encrypted so it can't be fixed. read more
Does not work on 1.5.622
rkotsybar | 25.01.2017 Rating:
Contacted support and this is a known issue. Does not get past the status message - Vera Connect WWN : Starting UP read more