Omni ZWave Interface
Author: autodist
Manufacturer: Automation Distributors Australia
Using: RS232
Price: free
UI5-UI7 Version - The Plug-in requires a unique Activation Key to enable its functionality which is available for purchase from The Omni ZWave Plugin integrates the Omni and Lumina range of automation controllers from Leviton with all Vera controllers or an Environexus Controller enabling two way control and feedback of Z-Wave light modules, Roller Shutter modules, Door Locks, Virtual Switches & Thermostats. It can also integrate with a Bitwise Controller for direct control of the above devices using a Vera Controller. This Plugin will allow control from the automation systems regardless of which frequency your country's Vera operates on. The Plugin operates using RS232 serial connection or Serial to IP using a IP-RS232 server/controller.
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