RGB Controller
Author: vosmont
Manufacturer: vosmont
Using: N/A
Price: free
Control RGBW devices. This plugin is able to manage RGBW color channels and animation programs. Compatible with - Fibaro FGRGB-101 (FGRGBWM-441) - Zipato RGBW Bulb - AEOTEC RGBW Bulb - RGB dimmers - Hyperion ( UI5 and UI7 compliant. ALTUI compliant.
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Work great.
matalemano | 22.07.2014 Rating:
Works great, simply does what it says.

Just have to select the RGB device and it runs. read more
Works well, but...
patr | 16.07.2014 Rating:
What about a control for the white channel? read more
mkhalsa | 07.07.2014 Rating:
would be even better if it could control multiple rgbw at the same time read more
Latest reviews
Worked great with Vera Edge UI7
infromatica | 12.01.2016 Rating:
Worked great with Vera Edge UI7. I had to swap red and green connectors to make it work correctly but probably it was not connected correctly in the first place. I only wish that the device would work with Oficial android app and autHomation. read more
version 1.33 doesn't work with OS 1.5.622
jgreen1280 | 12.12.2015 Rating:
I'm sure its great, if you can get it to work. Upon installation, device launches, and starts with control tab: 'No JSON decoder' Color wheel tab: 'The plugin is not configured. Please go to the 'Settings' tab.' Ahh, perfect. Lets head over to Settings: 'There has been a communication problem. Please try to reopen this tab. {"u:GetRGBDe ... read more
jgreen1280 | 12.12.2015 Rating:
My previous review was based on installing the app from After installing from the controller I saw the help tab, which explains on UI5 you must install an additional module. Works great now. Would sugest mentioning in description, UI5 users need additional module. read more