Author: chixxi
Manufacturer: chixxi and Mic
Using: Ethernet
Price: free
I have created a little plugin which provides some variables and events for XBMC based media players and menu. The integrated "Ping Sensor" checks if the device is reachable and therefore recognizes if the media player is running or not.,13249.0.html
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Works perfectly
hatchling | 01.06.2013 Rating:
I came across the other review and felt compelled to log in and say thank you for a wonderful plugin. This works flawlessly and wasn't too hard to setup considering these systems weren't really meant to talk to each other. The other reviewer must not have set it up right because there isn't anything to complain about here. read more
benmarbles | 29.07.2013 Rating:
Where can I get the XMBC plugin? read more
Love it, but needs work...
PCBlues | 05.05.2013 Rating:
Love it, but needs work...

Ok good start but needs some work, updates. Please. XBMC & Micasaverde rock! Make them talk better! :) read more
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Great app!
empenoso | 09.05.2014 Rating:
Thank you for your work!
XBMC 12.3 Frodo - Raspberry Pi - OpenELEC - works great!
XBMC 13.0 Gotham - Raspberry Pi - OpenELEC - works great!

Be sure to specify the ip address and unit number XBMC! read more
Great Stuff!
FredsCasa | 22.01.2014 Rating:
Works great! Have three XBMC, tracking all the events. Perfect! read more
Work Well
konradwalsh | 20.11.2013 Rating:
Good app read more