Smart Virtual Thermostat
Author: Antor
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Smart Virtual Thermostat
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rarev | 05.12.2012 Rating:
Had alot of lua doing this, but deleted all of it. This plugin can replace your thermostat. And all settings can be easily changed in a scene. This is better then the best programmable thermostat money can buy. The only problem is that mobile apps like Grasshopper don't understand this device, but that's a Grasshopper problem. read more
Doesn't work for me
benspader | 05.12.2012 Rating:
I'm not really sure what this does? it's not very clear. It appears some of it is in English and others is in another language. Please continue to make updates.

What would really benefit me if someone made an application that tracked the fan runtime so I know when to switch out my filter. I would also like to know how much the he ... read more
Great Job!
milillicuti | 04.12.2012 Rating:
The essential plugin to drive electric heaters! Thks guys. Fills a big lack in the Vera UI. Really more interesting when used with RFXCOM and Oregon temperature sensors which are the only way to get decimal values. Micasaverde, any news about this aberration ? read more
Latest reviews
Smart Virtual Thermostat - NEW DEVICE
PierreK | 11.04.2017 Rating:
Bonjour, Encore chapeau pour ce plugin !!! Un manque suite aux dernières mise a jour. Impossible de créer plusieurs thermostats... à priori "Créer un autre" à disparu !!! :( A moins que ..... Mercissss !!! read more
Porting Smart Thermostat to other systems
brownbr | 24.10.2016 Rating:
To the Author. Hi I would be interested in working with you to port this to other systems. Would you be will to do so? Brent read more
AD11 + sonde Oregon
PierreK | 07.02.2015 Rating:
Fonction à merveille !!! Mais à quand la mise a jour UI7 !! Je suis repassé sous UI5 pour réutiliser Smart Virtual read more