Virtual ON/OFF Switches
Author: chixxi
Manufacturer: chixxi
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To ensure further development and free Updates, please Donate: Description: Create Virtual ON/OFF Switches. They can be used in scenes (as devices & triggers) and in luup code. The device includes two additional variables, their value is shown on the dashboard, initially they mark the switch as virtual but text can be removed or edited. The device also comes with custom icons to be able to separate them from normal switches. Screenshots:
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Virtual Switches
lskeans | 21.11.2014 Rating:
I use your App all the time. I add them to trigger scenes and function. Always works flawlessly. Good product. read more
can't uninstall and doesn't show up on phones
whited | 30.01.2015 Rating:
UI5, can't uninstall. I tried rebooting and still get no response from uninstall in My apps.
It also doesn't show up on apps for phones/ipads.
You can easily manually create a virtual switch which does what this does and shows up on phones.
See: read more
Great Simple plug in.
mkoelle | 08.01.2013 Rating:
Just works. Adds a ton of options and scene triggers. read more
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essential add on
slateboy | 09.01.2019 Rating:
Does what it says. very useful plugin read more
Great Plugin
PeteBell | 27.11.2017 Rating:
This works really well with UI7 and I use it within many scenes. However, with the Vera Android app the switch does not show as a clickable on / off device. Could I ask the developer if possible to make this compatible. I undertsnad that it is fine on Windows mobile and iPhone versions of the app but not Android. Thank you read more
Toolbox Essential
melsman | 12.12.2015 Rating:
This is an essential tool for managing Vera logic. I use 10 of these to set various states and conditions. For example, I use a VSwitch to control whether or not the Vera wakes us up on a work day. (VSwitch ON for Workday Wake-up). I verify states through LUUP to determine whether or not to allow scenes to activate. read more