Wunderground Weather Plugin
Author: guessed
Price: free
Retrieves weather conditions and forecasts online using the Weather Underground API. To use it you'll need to register with Weather Underground to obtain a key (
Not working any more.
lafer | 09.03.2019 Rating:
No longer working for 3 days now. The weatherUndurground API is no longer valid and is not available. Too bad read more
Does not seem to be updating now
JeffNY | 06.03.2019 Rating:
Does not seem to be updating now read more
no longer works
azvarga | 11.08.2018 Rating:
Unfortunately WU no longer gives the required key needed to install this app read more
working fine on vera3 UI5
TeTTiweTTi | 20.01.2016 Rating:
not too difficult to set up. as stated earlier, apply for a free dev subscription to get a key. if the plugin is not working at first, test manually like this:*****efab/conditions/forecast/alerts/q/Zonnebeke.xml replace b94178*****efab with your key. only 10 requests/minute and 500requests/day are allo ... read more
1.58 is broken
mountaincad | 21.03.2015 Rating:
I have two Vera Lites with UI5. I recently set up the second unit, installed Wunderground with exactly the same settings of the first Vera. The error message "WUIWeather : Location not established in MiOS Preferences/Toolbox, Latitude and Longitude required for Plugin to work." appears. My older unit with 1.56 works perfectly. read more
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