Wunderground Weather Plugin
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Price: free
Retrieves weather conditions and forecasts online using the Weather Underground API. To use it you'll need to register with Weather Underground to obtain a key (
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Registered and working
wholm | 12.11.2013 Rating:
For those that need the help: register at the site. Once you have verified your account, "purchase" for 0 dollars, the developer access. Once you do that you will see your key. Copy that key. Open the Vera device web page and click on the Devices tab on the top row. Then edit the World Weather device (if you have not renamed i ... read more
A must for integrating outside environment into Home Automation
RichardTSchaefer | 23.02.2013 Rating:
This is one of the first plugins I installed. It is a key to my strategy to prevent freeze damage to my rain water collection system. I subsequently installed my own weather station ... the author quickly provided support to allow Vera to detect any communications problem with my station. Even if I have a local weather station problem, the ... read more
ShaneFK | 14.09.2014 Rating:
Having trouble getting the weather information. My Wunderground analytics page says I'm getting an error of "querynotfound" from a query of the format: /api/[My key]/conditions/forecast/alerts/q/[Whatever I put in the Location field].xml I am not sure what to put in the Location field. I tried my weather station ID, my town and state and my z ... read more
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no longer works
azvarga | 11.08.2018 Rating:
Unfortunately WU no longer gives the required key needed to install this app read more
working fine on vera3 UI5
TeTTiweTTi | 20.01.2016 Rating:
not too difficult to set up. as stated earlier, apply for a free dev subscription to get a key. if the plugin is not working at first, test manually like this:*****efab/conditions/forecast/alerts/q/Zonnebeke.xml replace b94178*****efab with your key. only 10 requests/minute and 500requests/day are allo ... read more
1.58 is broken
mountaincad | 21.03.2015 Rating:
I have two Vera Lites with UI5. I recently set up the second unit, installed Wunderground with exactly the same settings of the first Vera. The error message "WUIWeather : Location not established in MiOS Preferences/Toolbox, Latitude and Longitude required for Plugin to work." appears. My older unit with 1.56 works perfectly. read more