Sonos Controller
Author: lolodomo
Using: E
Price: free
Plugin to control your Sonos Wireless HiFi Music Systems via Vera scenes and Vera UI
Just works
mcarpenter9700 | 02.02.2017 Rating:
I've been using this for a while now without issue. I mostly use it for voice announcements. I love that it will yell at my kids to close the door then go back to playing the same music as before. read more
New version 1.4 available
aard01 | 19.09.2015 Rating:
This fixes the issue with Google TTS read more
TTS has stopped working
dbw | 26.08.2015 Rating:
The plugin works generally, but TTS has stopped working for me after over a year of working. Any idea why? Has Google changed something that blocks TTS requests? read more
This is one the reasons I choosed Vera
autograthea | 30.03.2015 Rating:
The plugin works quite well and is a huge benefit in any HA scenario. I used on a daily basis and it never lets me down. The only problem I have is that I can't play TTS in every zone. In my Livingroom with 2 x Play 5 and SUB it refuses to talk back to me.
Please keep up with your excellent work! read more
Awesome app
godgovera | 09.07.2014 Rating:
This is an awesome app, but does not seem to work with Zones that have Sonos Sub's attached to them. An update would be appreciated. read more
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