MIMOlite Garage Door Contoller
Author: lylavoie
Manufacturer: Fortrezz
Price: free
Creates a device interface to use the Fortrezz MIMOlite as a garage door controller. Door state (open/closed) is shown as the device icon, and a single button toggles that state (just like a physical button in the garage).
Locked up my Vera Plus TWICE
Sammy2 | 28.02.2017 Rating:
On first installation I had to get Vera Support involved to recover my Vera Plus. The app was still there but when I tried to set up the Advanced Settings to tell it what the tilt sensor and MIMOlite low voltage relay Device ID Numbers were it didn't respond. Then I tried to switch them thinking I was doing something wrong causing several of the devices to just disappear in the Advanced Settings page. Then I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app whereupon my system got locked up again, causing another support ticket with Vera. They were great and fast and got me up and running again but until it is confirmed that this app has been fixed STAY AWAY!