MIMOlite Garage Door Contoller
Author: lylavoie
Manufacturer: Fortrezz
Price: free
Creates a device interface to use the Fortrezz MIMOlite as a garage door controller. Door state (open/closed) is shown as the device icon, and a single button toggles that state (just like a physical button in the garage).
Domenic | 25.02.2014 Rating:
Foe mobile use ( I phone) for this device (garage door opener) the switches on the phone are on/off just like lighting. Should act like a momentary switch. This really interferes with the proper use of the ( automation control) as the mobile ( i phone) control(switch) keeps power to the momentary contact which should not happen.... It interferes with the use of your actual push button (by the door push button) and the control from your computer.. Any ideas. In other words the phone app needs a momentary switch not a on off switch.