Ecobee Thermostat (by eZLO)
Author: mcvflorin
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Price: free
Integration of Ecobee thermostats and sensors. To link your Ecobee account use the wizard from the mobile apps or the Web UI. 1. Go to Devices 2. Click on "Add device" (or tap the + button on mobile devices) 3. Under the "Thermostats" category find the "Ecobee" thermostat or use the search bar instead. 4. Then follow the instructions to complete the account linking. The wizard also installs this plugin if it is not already installed. NOTE: The wizard is available starting with the following FW versions: Please check that your FW version is greater than: VeraEdge > 1.7.5185 VeraPlus > 1.7.5186 VeraSecure > 1.7.5187
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