Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG)
Author: RichardTSchaefer
Manufacturer: RTS Services
Using: N/A
Price: free
License Fee may be needed. PLEG provides a SUPER SCENE capability allowing you to specify inputs, condition expressions to implement your logic, and associate actions;a set of commands to be executed, or scenes to run, with these conditions to control your other devices and plugins. You can define multiple, complex, condition expressions, and each with it's own set of actions, and/or notifications. Condition expressions may be a combination of triggers, schedules, device properties or other conditions with a full set of boolean, numeric, and string operators, a sequence (optionally ordered) of triggers, schedules, or conditions within a specified interval, a count of currently valid triggers or conditions, or multiple occurrences of the same trigger or condition within the specified interval. For details see: and on the forums at:,48.0.html UI5 and UI6 Development is frozen.
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The Gold Standard for Home Automation
RexBeckett | 31.01.2013 Rating:
This plugin (PLEG) is an absolutely essential component for a home automation system. If you haven't tried it yet, invest a few minutes in reading the notes then install it and start playing. If you can conceive of a set of circumstances for which you want some action, PLEG can make it happen for you - and you don't need to learn how to write Lua. ... read more
PLEG - An absolute must-have plugin
pagewrite | 19.03.2013 Rating:
I'm only at the starting stages of utilising the power of this plugin, but it really is amazing and already I cannot imagine Vera running without it. I've managed to nearly completely remove the cumbersome schedules, triggers and so on from the UI, and combine them all into PLEG. What is truly brilliant is the ability to combine logic statements w ... read more
markrw80 | 15.12.2012 Rating:
Brilliant plugin, adds much needed functionality for triggering scenes. Allowed me to replace a many virtual switch, combination switch plugin behemoth with a simple few trigger/condition expression. read more
Latest reviews
slave | 10.01.2017 Rating:
The one that makes Vera complete
korttoma | 09.01.2015 Rating:
Without this plugin there is no point to buy any Vera products. read more
Wonderful Addition to System
nutron | 26.11.2014 Rating:
Works great, a little tricky to learn but am very grateful and appreciative of the time and effort the creator took to create the app. The cost is WELL WELL WELL worth the functionality. read more