Combination Switch
Author: futzle
Using: N/A
Price: free
A virtual switch that turns on/off based on the states of other devices. Combine several conditions to produce a Boolean AND of states.
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Fantastic Virtual Switch
aingham | 01.05.2013 Rating:
If you use this App with PLEG, then all your "AND" "OR" dreams come true read more
Very useful
ajmasuda | 02.12.2014 Rating:
Vera can be programmed via LUUP, but device ID and syntax is a pain. This app makes it simple to code minor logic.
It is something that should already be built-in in Vera!
Anyway, thanks for this app.

I wish it had Arm/Disable switch, though, instead of "Poke". That would make it more useful. read more
Excellent App!
Pannella | 27.02.2014 Rating:
Great app! Use for several scenes and works perfectly. read more
Latest reviews
Great Switch
theboathaus | 19.04.2017 Rating:
Great combination switch and easy to use. read more
Perfect for a quick decision tree
wildjoe | 18.12.2016 Rating:
This is a great plug in, when you need two devices to be a certain way before a scene happens or alert is sent. I have it when a door is left unlocked AND the alarm is set, or turn the bathroom fan on when the humidity is over a limit AND there is no motion is the room. read more
Toolbox Essential
melsman | 12.12.2015 Rating:
This is one of my "Essential Apps" for Vera home control. I use this virtual switch in conjunction with geofence reporting to establish if the home is occupied (users at home) or not. If all users are gone, switch triggers house to unoccupied. If one user returns, switch triggers to occupied mode. read more