Foscam IP Camera
Author: mcvflorin
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Price: free
Plugin for the Foscam IP cameras. Adds support for pan, tilt and patrol.
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Motion Sensing. How can I turn it on?
ElEncanto | 15.01.2014 Rating:
I have 4 cameras Foscam FI8906W and FI8910W. U5 1.5.622 The 06 were recognized by the plugin the 10 were not, but I added manually all the parameters. I can pan and tilt with the two 8910W and use the presets. However, I cannot record video with all of them, nor I can set the motion detection. Any help will be great! Other than that it works ver ... read more
Suggestion for a new feature
askmeplease | 24.02.2013 Rating:

Great app. Works perfect with my foscam ipcam.
I got a suggestion for a new feature... To switch of the IR led ( night vision)
There are two settings: IR leds off and IR leds on.

http://##.##.##.##:####/decoder_control.cgi?command=94 = OFF
http://##.##.##.##:####/decoder_control.cgi?command=95 = ON read more
Plugin cant install
fortresshomeautomation | 13.04.2014 Rating:
i using foscam F8910W, the PT function is not workable, anyone can help on this problem? i try to install this mcvflorin plugin, but cant. please help. thanks! SK read more
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No Longer works
Npenna1986 | 03.09.2016 Rating:
It will no longer create a device read more
Lopanovv | 27.07.2016 Rating:
lskeans | 26.07.2014 Rating:
My Foscam 8910 loves to pan & tilt. Finally I'm 80% to my goal. Now I get to conquer Motion and Audio. Thanks a million!!! read more