Countdown timer
Author: futzle
Using: N/A
Price: free
Make custom timers and control them with scenes. Timers can be started and cancelled on an event; timers generate their own event when they expire, and can trigger any other action. No Luup programming required.
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Pannella | 27.02.2014 Rating:
App works perfectly for me and is easy to use. Used in several applications - ie/ garage door stays open for more than 10 minutes, I get a notification that the door is still open read more
Nice idea, simple and effective
nodecentral | 03.12.2013 Rating:
I use this to turn sockets off when I leave items charging overnight. A great idea.. read more
Awsome Timer
cobalt2k | 06.11.2013 Rating:
Relatively easy to use ....
Allowed me to automate the kids bathroom turning the fan and lights off depending on the prior usage.

Thanks again .... will come up for many more uses for this timer now that I have one read more
Latest reviews
Toolbox Essential
melsman | 12.12.2015 Rating:
This is an essential tool for developing routines where a time delay needs to be used outside of a scene. For example, when a window is opened (sensor tripped), it can begin a countdown timer to shut off the HVAC after a determined period of time. (In my case, two minutes.) read more
jreRuban | 10.03.2015 Rating:
I use a bunch of these devices to enable my motion controls to automatically dim or turn off my lights after a certain period of in-activity. read more
Tres bon PlugIn
chrifabre | 04.01.2015 Rating:
Je l'ai utilisÚ sous UI5 sur ma box Vera3 Et aujourd'hui correctement installÚ et fonctionnel sur une VeraEdge sous UI7 read more