Denon Receiver Control Plugin
Author: naething
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Price: free
Denon Receiver (AVR) via RS232/Ethernet
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very nice app
manny052409 | 17.01.2013 Rating:
able to control evrything read more
Good BUT
amiles | 23.12.2013 Rating:
The unit can turn on and off but changing channels to NET/USB is not explanatory. Tried to issue commands to change to TV input, NET/USB and could not get it to work. A command would be sent but no reaction. Also setVolTarget does not issue a window with a set volume so this feature does not work. So other than going into the app and pressing the ... read more
works, but button mapping is incomplete
agame | 21.08.2013 Rating:
It works well for volume and on/off.

But evidently the button mapping for the Denon 3313 (Europe version as sold in Australia) is incomplete...for instance, there is no option to use TV Audio as the source which is pretty much the usual configuration for me; or Blu Ray (which i use for Apple TV input) (though there are a range of unsu ... read more
Latest reviews
Will not down load
gwdtex | 27.06.2015 Rating:
Try down loading this several times. UN-installed the old version now I can reinstall it. read more
stoped working with new version
goncalorijo | 01.02.2015 Rating:
Nothing works with the new 2015 version.

Is it possible to reverter to the old one?

I'm using a Denon 1912 read more
Not working with AVR-3313 anymore
b0bbytay | 17.01.2015 Rating:
The Dec 2014 and Jan 2015 lost some functionalities of the 2011 version. Volume sliders returns "no implementation" and Tuner no longer available as an input. read more