Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panels via AD2USB
Author: mcvflorin
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Price: free
Integration with the Honeywell Ademco Vista alarm panels via the NuTech AD2USB adapter.
adercole | 23.12.2017 Rating:
This is an excellent product. I started using it with UI5 and now UI7. It works so much better with UI7. I recommend this product 100 percent. Pays for itself. Sure beats paying the alarm company for monitoring. read more
Works perfectly - a great addition
wmichael3 | 15.04.2015 Rating:
This addition was one of the best additions to Vera I've made. The one tricky part was that the serial port interface in the AD2USB was upgraded and this plugin would not work until I manually upgraded the drivers in the Vera so that the serial port would appear (I did this in January, 2015) This thread: ... read more
2 Partitions on a Vista 20p
oliinla | 11.02.2014 Rating:
Anyone having issues with 2 partitions on the Vista 20p? My installer keypad requires me to sign into the 2nd do I list the AD2USB keypad number AND the main default keypad in both partitions.... I can't seem to get it working well! read more
speckone | 02.04.2013 Rating:
There's definitely a learning curve, but if you're not afraid to learn. I'm able to quickly access all the basic functions of my alarm panel with HomeBuddy. This is super handy! Thanks!! read more
Great plugin
sshimko | 14.01.2013 Rating:
Took a little effort but this is because the I bought the Ademco 20P and self-installed just because of this plugin so I was learning both at the same time. Everything is up and running and I have to say, I'm extremely happy. It does everything I want. Thanks! I'm now looking for a "buy me a beer" link. I would gladly pay for a plugin that pro ... read more
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