Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panels via AD2USB
Author: mcvflorin
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Price: free
Integration with the Honeywell Ademco Vista alarm panels via the NuTech AD2USB adapter.
Works perfectly - a great addition
wmichael3 | 15.04.2015 Rating:
This addition was one of the best additions to Vera I've made. The one tricky part was that the serial port interface in the AD2USB was upgraded and this plugin would not work until I manually upgraded the drivers in the Vera so that the serial port would appear (I did this in January, 2015) This thread: was the solution for me. Now it works flawlessly and I have scenes and triggers that disarm the alarm when the correct combinations are entered into the Z-Wave Kwikset door locks. I get emails when the alarm is armed or disarmed, and even have scenes that open the garage door, unlock the house door, and disarm the alarm at the same time. I can use the Ping plugin to automatically arm the alarm when we (our phones) are not home. I can interface the alarm's motion sensors to tell the cameras to take a few frames shortly after a door unlock. There are really limitless opportunities to take advantage of your alarm system once you have this up and running.