Author: mcvflorin
Using: E
Price: free
Allows waking up a computer remotely. Up to 10 computers can be stored.
Works Fantastic
wicked4u2c | 01.06.2013 Rating:
Easy to setup works like a charm! Just set up a scene Authomation App I can now "activate" my computer with voice control to turn it ON. read more
PCBlues | 05.05.2013 Rating:
Now I just need more servers or computers that support WOL. :) If you have WOL, works great! Thank you! read more
Wakes my computers
jmillerah | 09.04.2013 Rating:
Works great as it wakes my computers as described. read more
Simple and it WORKS!
benspader | 05.12.2012 Rating:
Thank you for the great app! It works really well! especially when used in Home Buddy on Android. The Web UI could have the custom names on the UI but that's OK with me. read more
Almost too good.
electricessence | 24.08.2012 Rating:
Might be better to only have one button for each device. This has 4 buttons and like 10 IPs!

Still awesome anyway. :) read more
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