Author: mcvflorin
Using: E
Price: free
Allows waking up a computer remotely. Up to 10 computers can be stored.
Works Great
fhreid | 04.08.2012 Rating:
Vera 3 latest firmware. No problem with install or scene creation. read more
domodial | 15.05.2012 Rating:
Don't work on vera3
Thanks read more
iulianminut | 22.03.2012 Rating:
I was able to successfully install it on firmware version 1.5.346 on VeraLite. read more
Reliable and Quick
chixxi | 21.01.2012 Rating:
This plugin creates a device which allows to store ten devices (by mac address) which support wake-on-lan (in example a laptop). The vera is then able to wake (turn on) these devices over your local lan. This can be done by clicking the button in the plugin device or by a scene. It's a very reliable plugin and installs fine on UI5 Vera2 1.5.255. ... read more
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