Thermostat Min Max
Author: mcvflorin
Manufacturer: Mi Casa Verde
Price: free
Prevents a thermostat set point from being set outside a given range. After installing the plugin, set the range in the thermostat's Advanced tab in HeatMax, HeatMin, CoolMax, CoolMin.
Works really well!
anasyntes | 20.07.2016 Rating:
Thank you for this app. I've used it in my vacation rental for more than a year. So far it has worked flawlessly. read more
JorgeMoli1957 | 24.06.2013 Rating:
hola read more
Good thing
azimarev | 01.05.2013 Rating:
Help page would be nice to have to avoid some negative reviews. This app does NOT create any additional devices, but it adds new advanced settings to any existing thermostat. These settings control the min/max values. And this works perfectly fine. I had a scene to do the same but it wasn't able to set the value back immediatelly but this app do ... read more
Resting to low temp
pmaione | 29.12.2012 Rating:
The min / max works but only for a limited time. Out of the blue, the temp resets to the lowest setting.

I was away and my air ran for 4 weeks at 65 degrees and almost ruined both ac units.

This app need to be fixed... read more
Works great on Firmware 1.5.408 with Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007
4686ingram | 12.12.2012 Rating:
Thanks for the great plugin! read more
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