Thermostat Min Max
Author: mcvflorin
Manufacturer: Mi Casa Verde
Price: free
Prevents a thermostat set point from being set outside a given range. After installing the plugin, set the range in the thermostat's Advanced tab in HeatMax, HeatMin, CoolMax, CoolMin.
It does not work
csdano | 30.11.2012 Rating:
It does not work in the latest UI5. :( read more
It does not work
Guy | 14.04.2012 Rating:
This application does not instantiated any plug in;
It mad an factory reset of my vera3 and it is the same thing :-) read more
very good
iulianminut | 22.03.2012 Rating:
I was able to successfully install it on firmware version 1.5.346 on VeraLite read more
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