Author: ChrisFSB
Using: E
Price: free
This plugin provides monitoring and control of an OpenSprinkler irrigation controller. OpenSprinkler is a product manufactured by ​Rayshobby.
Has anyone heard from the developer recently? Does it work?
0614mios | 12.06.2017 Rating:
It looks like the reviews are not great. Has anyone heard from the developer? Should I even try to install this with my 216 OS firmware and UI7 Vera???? I certainly don't want to get caught in some reboot loop! read more
Doesn't work for OpenSprinkler firmware 2.x
dkaars | 23.05.2016 Rating:
Have tried on UI5 and UI7.
Plugin installs and creates zone 1 and zone 2 but that's it.
The zone names are never populated and on/off buttons don't work.

I read it works with firmware 1.x but this is old and newer devices cannot be downgraded from 2 to 1.

This is the reason why I bought OpenSprinkler so am very ... read more
Works for Vera3, but very basic
spinl0ck | 30.09.2015 Rating:
It works for me. The functionality is pretty basic: just a separate control widget for each zone and a main control widget to set the mode (Off, Manual, Auto). Mine is always on Auto, because I configure my schedules directly in OpenSprinkler's UI.
What's missing (nice to have):
1. Connectivity feedback. Once tripped my garden GFCI outl ... read more
Doesn't work with UI7
kurtchief | 15.09.2014 Rating:
Plugin loads, but causes my Vera to reboot continuously. Struggled to get the app uninstalled because of the reboots. Hope the developer will update the app soon. read more