Author: ChrisFSB
Using: E
Price: free
This plugin provides monitoring and control of an OpenSprinkler irrigation controller. OpenSprinkler is a product manufactured by ​Rayshobby.
Works for Vera3, but very basic
spinl0ck | 30.09.2015 Rating:
It works for me. The functionality is pretty basic: just a separate control widget for each zone and a main control widget to set the mode (Off, Manual, Auto). Mine is always on Auto, because I configure my schedules directly in OpenSprinkler's UI.

What's missing (nice to have):

1. Connectivity feedback. Once tripped my garden GFCI outlet while disconnecting a power tool from the same outlet the OpenSprinkler is fed from. Didn't notice it until few days later. No indication of broken communication between Vera's plugin and OpenSprinkler device. Some kind of red LED on the widget to alert me would be nice.

2. Rain delay button. I currently don't have a rain sensor connected to my OpenSprinkler. I have to manually login to OS UI and trigger a rain delay if it is a rainy day. This is not possible for me to do remotely as I don't want to provide port forwarding to OS. Vera's UI should be enough to control everything remotely (although I'm still worried about their security).

3. A UI to define schedules remotely. This is a stretch, but, heck, would be nice to be able to tweak your OS schedules via Vera UI remotely.