VistaCam SD, PT & HD for UI5
Author: mcvflorin
Price: free
Plugin for the VistaCam SD, PT, HD and Foscam (non-HD + HD) cameras. Adds support for pan, tilt, presets and motion detection. For information regarding which features are implemented for each camera, read the documentation.
HooToo Cameras
mitchthompson | 30.04.2014 Rating:
Just bought the model HT-IP006N from Amazon ( and this App seems to work with it fairly well. Had to make some LUUP mods, based on this forum link:,14820.msg167496.html#msg167496 and it seems fine. Just need to set up p ... read more
9821W support ?
bourdo | 16.12.2013 Rating:
When are you plan to add 9821 support ? read more
Not appearing any cameras in devices section
keklikiana | 26.11.2013 Rating:
Figured out and now I can see it. You have to add the device manually read more
Adds Compatibility with Foscam Cameras
rctycoon42 | 05.10.2013 Rating:
I have 4 of the Foscam FI8910W connected and this works fairly well. I am able to view the video stream, but I do have a few complaints:

- The video is a little choppy, choppier than an android phone app
- The thumbnail for the cameras don't always appear on the dashboard
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom exists, but other camera features li ... read more
vistcam hd camera
bob4282003 | 25.08.2013 Rating:
bought the cameras from micasaverde so they would be ready "right out of the box". What a disaster. I made the huge mistake of downloading the DirectX driver required and now IE on windows 8 is very unstable read more
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