VistaCam SD, PT & HD for UI5
Author: mcvflorin
Price: free
Plugin for the VistaCam SD, PT, HD and Foscam (non-HD + HD) cameras. Adds support for pan, tilt, presets and motion detection. For information regarding which features are implemented for each camera, read the documentation.
Doesn't seem to work at all.
ufd108 | 16.08.2013 Rating:
Removed the Foscam plug-in because I added newer cameras that the Foscam plug-in doesn't support but can't get the Vistacam plug-in to find any of my 6 cameras. Changed the TCP port to 80, which is terrible from a security point of view, but still nothing. This is a terrible plug-in. read more
Doesn't work if you use port numbers
parthur | 27.05.2013 Rating:
For security my camera's have port numbers... making the url to see the MJPEG similar to http://192.168.x.x:9091/snapshot.cgi, however the plugin will remove the port number and tell you it can't find the video. read more
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