Author: 12072garrett
Price: free
A plugin that incorporates both wake-on-lan and the ping sensor plugin into one device.
Great but...
amitchell | 30.05.2014 Rating:
This is a great WOL tool (and thank you) but when I deleted a WOL device it uninstalled the WOL plugin and removed all my WOL devices. read more
Works great with windows 8
hellovn | 31.03.2014 Rating:
Now i could control my windows 8 computer with veralite. read more
EricWeber | 02.01.2014 Rating:
Solved all my htpc problems. Thumbs up! read more
It is now perfect. :)
electricessence | 01.11.2013 Rating:
I gave this plug-in a hard time when it first came out. But it works perfectly now. I've completely uninstalled my other ping and WoL plug-ins and just use this. Couldn't have it any better. I use MCE Controller to turn off my computer (scene triggered by clicking off) and then of course 'on' triggers WoL. Sweet. read more
Just Perfect !!
nullx8 | 25.09.2013 Rating:
almost zero load (use ping switches on 7 Devices .. for multiple reasons) .. great enhancement to the Automation experience.

controlling bedroom lights, TV Lights, Computer Room Lights, even away modes and additional switches to save power and eliminate stand by powers ...

great potential .. just need some phantasy ;) read more
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