dataMine 2 graphing and logging plugin
Author: sknightley
Price: free
dataMine 2 is a derivative work that builds on the excellent dataMine system for logging variables. It adds the ability to aggregate data over various time periods, provides access to the system over a remote connection and now supports column charts. As this version uses the same web locations as dataMine 1, you will need to uninstall it for version 2 to work - all your data and configuration is shared and will be retained.
A very useful plugin
monamomeni | 30.04.2016 Rating:
Datamine2 is a very useful plugin for showing and keeping track of changes in the data. The Vera Edge didn't support some of the linux commands required for detecting the USB. However, the developer actively provided great help via the forum and everything is now working smoothly. Really appreciate it.