WInk Connect
Author: CybrMage
Price: free
Plugin for controlling devices attached to a Wink account. One Vera device is created for each supported device attached to the Wink API account. Allows monitoring and control of wink devices from the Vera controller. Supports multiple Wink Hubs / Wink Relays / GE Link Hubs. Supports: - dimmable light bulbs(ie: Lutron Caseta dimmers,GE Link bulbs,etc), binary light bulbs - binary switches (ie: Leviton/ZWave/Zigbee switches) - door locks (Kwikset/Schlage,etc) - MYQ garage door controllers (automatically disabled if the MYQ plugin is detected) - thermostats - Quirky: Spotter, Tripper, Refuel, EggMinder, Nimbus - Quirky+GE Aros, Tapt - Home Decorations Celing Fan
No Longer Workds
solbow | 14.08.2015 Rating:
Reinstalled on UI5 and LUA won't start anymore. I appreciate the effort but it just doesn't work anymore.