Blue Iris Camera Plugin
Author: otelconsulting
Price: free
Gives your access to all your Blue Iris Security DVR cameras you have installed on your Blue Iris system. Provides PTZ control, Motion sensor triggering to Vera from Blue Iris, along with Vera specific control customization's for each Blue Iris camera. For Blue Iris Sensor Control please follow the configuration instructions on the home page. IMPORTANT** If you want to utilize the Blue Iris trigger reporting to Vera you will need to download the windows files to host on your blue iris server. They are available at
The solution to my camera problems
BOFH | 09.07.2014 Rating:
I have a Wanscam JW00011 that I couldn't get Vera to recognize. The plugin made setup of this one a breeze. I've been running it since the first beta and it's very stable. Next weekend I intend to remove all my other current Vera camera's and their plugins and then re-add them via this plugin so all camera's are consolidated.