Author: pmnb
Price: free
This plugin integrates a ​Connected By TCP LED lighting gateway with a Vera controller. Once a device for the gateway is created, the plugin in turn creates child devices for each connected bulb. Since the bulbs are created as standard devices, they are available for control via scenes, mobile apps, etc. For full installation instructions, please read the plugin documentation at:
Doesn't work with TCP WiFi hub
aloevera | 09.03.2016 Rating:
I've been unable to get the app to work with the TCP wireless hub (Greenwave model UBW1J1-1A01-TP) read more
You got it working again!
tungsten | 28.02.2015 Rating:
Great Job and thank you for not giving up on us! read more
revolve360 | 24.02.2015 Rating:
After TCP forced a firmware update, you lose the ability to control from a browser. I bought a new starter pack and swapped the virgin TCP hub in, but this time blocked all WAN access from my router to stop firmware auto-updates. Developer was kind enough to provide a version of the plugin that works with this older firmware. read more
KnightLord | 17.02.2015 Rating:
My previous stars were not for the TCPLightning Plugin but for the company who changes settings without caring about their users. This plugin is absolutely great and it's developer even better. Great work! read more
Plug in worked great until TCP screwed us!
tungsten | 01.12.2014 Rating:
TCP has disabled IP control of its lighting gateway! Thank you for all your hard work but TCP tech support has said that it has no plans to re-enable IP control! Maybe we could get them to work through a WeMo plugin as they have just partnered together? read more
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