Program Logic Timer Switch (PLTS)
Author: RichardTSchaefer
Manufacturer: RTS Services
Price: free
A plugin that can be used in place of LUUP code. It's motivated by various other plugins (Smart, Countdown, Combination). It supports multiple timing/reset scenarios and dual triggers. UI5 and UI6 Development is frozen. For details see: A license may be required.
best app ever *****
bhattraj | 01.08.2017 Rating:
I have been using PLTS for the last 3 years and it has never ever had an issue. I am actually afraid to upgrade to UI7 just in case PLTS stops working!!! read more
Love this logic system
denlou | 18.10.2015 Rating:
I've been using this logic system for a little over a year now and absolutely love how easy it is to use. Definitely recommend over trying to learn the built in one. read more
Great Plugin
gilhamj | 23.08.2014 Rating:
Works great on UI5 and my Vera 3 network of 200+ devices. read more
Awsome Plug-in
theknee | 26.12.2013 Rating:
Save a lot time in scene programming, Shut the light of after xx time when the kids are not in their room. Thanks Good job read more
Must have
zuccheroaz | 08.02.2013 Rating:
I used to have to cobble together several plugins and scenes to handle complex scenarios. PLTS greatly simplifies that and allows everything to be done in one place. Richard has done more in a few months than MCV has done in over a year! read more
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