Author: RichardTSchaefer
Manufacturer: RTS Services
Price: free
VeraAlerts provides notification of events that were originated from your Vera Home Automation system and delivered to your Android phone. In addition to the text of the notification, it can also request 1 of 5 alert tones to be played on your phone when the notification is delivered. Or it can have the message spoken using the locally installed Android Text To Speech, TTS, engine on your phone. VeraAlerts also maintains a database of these notification events so that you can review their history. It provides various tools to display these events and also to manage the lifetime of the stored data. UI5 and UI6 Development is frozen.
Excellent App!
Pannella | 27.02.2014 Rating:
A must for any Vera owner. Works perfectly with all my mobile devices and Tasker. Author is very responsive to any issues or questions. Definitely recommend! read more
Excellent App
dabinxx | 07.02.2014 Rating:
Great App. A must for VERA users... read more
EricWeber | 02.01.2014 Rating:
Works like a charm. read more
New 4.0 version adds forwarding support for iOS devices in addition to Android
ChrisTheC | 07.12.2013 Rating:
This plugin has always worked well as a major enhancement of the existing notification system inside of Vera. Definitely improves a feature that Vera does not do well. I use it to forward Vera notifications to my Android phone using the companion Android app.

Now with version 4.0, the author adds internal support for forwarding to 3rd ... read more
Excellent with Android
CanadianBdog | 06.12.2013 Rating:
Works great for sending me totally customized alerts super fast. Kudos to the Dev! read more
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