CurrentCost EnviR Energy Monitor
Author: futzle
Using: U
Price: free
The CurrentCost EnviR is a wireless energy monitor which reports instantaneous energy usage for up to ten circuits or devices in your home. This plugin allows your MiOS device to display energy usage and recent history.
Great App - nicely done
nodecentral | 03.12.2013 Rating:
This plugin works really well, and allows you to add a standard EnviR energy meter to your Vera set up. I would like the logs to not be so overloaded with duplicate information, but I should not complain - one of the best for energy monitoring.. read more
Great add-in for CurrentCost Energy Monitor
cwkid | 28.12.2012 Rating:
This is a great little add-in for integrating your CurrentCost EnviR Energy Monitor into Vera. Works with my E.ON Branded CurrentCost unit. Recommended add-in, give it a try! read more
Works really good
shapa | 04.04.2012 Rating:
Very stable and reliable plugin.

Monitoring my PV pant and Grid import. read more
iulianminut | 22.03.2012 Rating:
I was able to successfully install it on firmware version 1.5.346 on VeraLite. read more