Author: kornev
Using: E
Price: free
Vera plugin for MyQ internet gateways. Allows you to control your MyQ enabled garage door openers, gate openers and lights using Vera. This plugin is based on the original code created by macrho with some rewrites and fixes by djrobx, BOFH, kornev JoeyD and cybrmage.
Previous integration was better
chrisbfreeman | 09.02.2015 Rating:
Its a nice effort to make this an automated install but the other app / hack had better features. The original would show with a visual icon if the door was locked or unlocked. Still don't know why someone cant write this to use the garage door icons instead of a padlock either ( For it to work efficiently it needs to have a toggle feature similar to a garage remote so that multiple clicks aren't needed. This would also help with automation apps that can create shortcuts using only one icon to control the open and close feature.