QuickSmart EtherRain-8 Sprinkler Controller
Author: mcvflorin
Using: E
Price: free
Interface to the QuickSmart EtherRain-8 Sprinkler Controller
half completed, appears to be abandoned project
goda17 | 14.06.2014 Rating:

Yes, you can control individual sprinklers or group them for scheduled cycles. Setup is fairly easy although only UI2/UI4 is shown. I have UI5 and it still was basically the same process.

Scheduling works: it launches when it's supposed to and on the valves you have assigned. If this is all you want it to do then you may be fine with it.


The status is completely screwed up which makes 'on-demand' use of individual valves a headache. Turn on one valve and 4 others will show that they are on, even though they aren't. Sometimes upon first logon many valves will appear as on, even though they are not. This essentially means you can't trust anything that Vera/Vera Mobile says, you must look for yourself.

It sees like this should be an easy fix, but the development appears to have ceased in 2011. I don't think it's too much to ask to have proper status of each valve that's setup!